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Fathom records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your meetings so you can focus on the conversation.

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Never Take
Notes Again

Fathom transcribes and summarizes your meetings so you can focus on the conversation.

Unlike others, Fathom AI summaries are ready in <30 sec of meeting end ✨

No More
Data Entry

Fathom automatically syncs meeting summaries & tasks to your CRM

Fathom users save 20 mins per meeting = 1.5 weeks a year! 🔥

Share Clips not Text

With Fathom you can share clips from specific parts of your meetings. Great to drop in Slack for context.

Notes never tell the whole story. Tell it with clips instead ▶️

Works With
Your Tools

Copy/paste your summaries & action items to Slack, Google Docs, Gmail, or your favorite Task Manager.

Yep, Fathom
Support’s That

No matter the video conferencing platform, language or compliance requirements you have, Fathom’s got you.

Fathom supports 28 languages 🌎
  • 🇧🇬 Bulgarian
  • 🇦🇩 Catalan
  • 🇭🇷 Croatian
  • 🇩🇰 Danish
  • 🇳🇱 Dutch
  • 🇺🇸 English
  • 🇵🇭 Filipino
  • 🇫🇮 Finnish
  • 🇫🇷 French
  • 🇩🇪 German
  • 🇬🇷 Greek
  • 🇭🇺 Hungarian
  • 🇮🇩 Indonesian
  • 🇮🇹 Italian
  • 🇲🇾 Malay
  • 🇳🇴 Norwegian
  • 🇵🇱 Polish
  • 🇵🇹 Portuguese
  • 🇷🇴 Romania
  • 🇷🇺 Russian
  • 🇷🇸 Serbian
  • 🇸🇰 Slovak
  • 🇪🇸 Spanish
  • 🇸🇪 Swedish
  • 🇹🇭 Thai
  • 🇹🇷 Turkish
  • 🇺🇦 Ukrainian
  • 🇻🇳 Vietnamese
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Summary of Customer Reviews

Sales teams praise Fathom for its note-free, focus-friendly calls, quick transcriptions, and CRM sync that streamline follow-ups. It's their go-to for snagging more deals with less hassle.

Customer Success teams celebrate Fathom for its knack for detailed note-taking that lets them stay engaged in meetings. They're winning back hours with instant summaries and easy CRM integration, making follow-ups a breeze and customer interactions more impactful.

Founders’ praise for Fathom highlights its knack for seamless note-taking and instant transcriptions, freeing them to dive deep into conversations. It's a time-saver that streamlines follow-ups, turning meeting chaos into clarity and action.

Operations teams appreciate Fathom for its ability to automatically record and transcribe meetings, simplifying note-taking and follow-ups. They value the quick access to organized summaries and action items, which integrate seamlessly with CRMs, enhancing team efficiency and communication.

Managers’ praise for Fathom is all about efficiency: it's a game-changer for staying fully engaged in meetings without missing a beat on notes. They love the instant summaries and CRM sync-up, which save hours and keep teams on the same page.

Product praise Fathom for its stealthy support in meetings, freeing up minds for big-picture thinking. It's a hit for its effortless recording and smart summaries, turning every product chat into clear-cut action plans. For Product folks, it's become the go-to for snagging insights without the scribble.

Marketing teams praise Fathom for making meetings a breeze, capturing every key point with spot-on AI summaries. It's a time-saver that lets them focus on the conversation, not note-taking, and share insights instantly—a real game-changer for strategy and collaboration.

"The Swiss Army Knife of Virtual Communications"

Fathom stands out as an indispensable tool. It addresses every pain point I've encountered when it comes to capturing, summarizing, and acting on remote conversations/meetings.

Chava Shapiro
"Game changer for my coaching biz"

One of the things I love most about Fathom is how quickly it returns transcriptions. It's fantastic to be able to see everything that was said in a meeting or conversation in real-time.

Merit Kahn
"Reliable Software and Team - Allows me to be present in meetings and follow-up quickly"

Our biggest win is that our team can be PRESENT during the call rather than scrambling to write down the major issues or points to follow up on.

Ryan King
"Above and Beyond Notes"

I was using one of their competitors when I was introduced to Fathom, and I can honestly say I was blown away by the level of detail and accuracy Fathom provides for my meetings. From the automatic screenshots to, as I said, the accuracy of the notes. I also appreciate the way it summarizes the discussions and knows who is speaking. Simply fantastic.

Dan Saia
"Hands Free Note Taking!"

I LOVE that you can send the whole recording of the meeting, or just send specific clips of the meeting to people. Brilliant.

Sara Bishop
"Fathom is a no brainer and their GTM is genius..."

It just works. Super easy to understand, valuable connections to other tech (i.e. AI summary in a format for the output e.g. Google Docs) Highlights are just done right and valuable for making the points that matter in a call.

Doug Sillers
"The only way you'll want to start a Zoom meeting!"

Fathom is a great tool which has almost eliminated the need to take rushed notes during our calls and, as it's currently free, it's a no-brainer decision if you are a regular Zoom user.

Nick Hedley-Harper
"Game changer for Zoom meetings"

My favorite feature is the AI summary of the conversation, which has a simple button to copy and I can then paste into my CRM.

Scott Henderson
"Call notes that actually work!"

It generates thoughtful discussion on how I can improve, the different angles I can take with prospects to show value, and helps him understand what our customers are facing in a way that really sinks in.

Andrew Moyer
"Fathom will change the way you run meetings!"

Fathom let's you focus on the meeting content rather than focusing on taking notes. With Fathom I can now be fully engaged in the conversation and know I am not missing anything. I love how it records the video and transcribes the meeting as well. The best feature is the ability to tag points of relevance in the meeting to revisit later. Best business tool I've found all year!

Scott Sklar
"Amazing Product, Highly Recommend For All"

I've used Gong & Chorus in the past. Fathom's experience as a User is better and provides much richer features while on calls.

Diego Jara Simkin
"If you use Zoom for your work, USE FATHOM"

I've used Fathom in every single Zoom meeting I've had with a client, about 8 per week, which has allowed me to streamline our sales process, shorten turnaround time, and take over as the head of sales in my organization.

Joseph Kirschner
"This has revolutionized the way I do business!"

It's the perfect blend of letting the technology do the work, while allowing me to indicate information that I find most valuable real time.

Jantzen Young
"Fathom is the reason I choose to continue to live each day."

Now I never miss anything. Clients never misinterpret what I say. I never forget anything about any meeting, any time in the past.

David Butler
"Amazing free tier. Worth the upgrade to paid subscription."

The free tier was so good that I didn't expect to upgrade, but after doing a free trial of their premium tier I immediately couldn't live without the paid features.

Mike McCabe
"Fathom saves me time, makes it easy to have great follow ups, and makes my demos better!"

It's so, so helpful in remembering the crucial details with every company I'm working with.

Nate Wireback
"10/10 Meeting Recording Tool - Better Than Anything Else On Market!"

Overall experience is far superior to the competition, don't bother to consider a tool like fire files or any of those others that look all the same.

Ben Hirsch
"Don't Sleep On Fathom"

Fathom is so easy to use and implement, I like that I can focus on my meetings attendees and not have to get flustered with meeting notes. The Slack integration is also a total gamechanger, you can tag snippets of conversation and share them to custom channels automatically. This application has improved my ability to provide customized communication to my clients as well as improved work/life balance by helping me avoid meeting burnout.

Evan O'Brien
"Sales person's dream come true."

Ihe initial training for the product was awesome. It was short, sweet, on point, and despite being automated, it did the trick. Also, notes taking, the accuracy, and the AI summary is totally awesome.

Adrian Pop
"Fantastic meetings tool with more features than I expected"

I love having an easier way to record, annotate, and review meetings. It's made my life so much easier for recalling critical information and to-dos.

Rex Biberston
"Game Changer"

Fathom has completely changed the game for me. In my role, I demo our Call Tracking software, and Fathom has made my life a lot easier.

Dan Kunz
"Revolutionized My Meetings: A Flawless AI Note-Taking Experience!"

Fathom has become indispensable for me, particularly for interviewing candidates. It's now my go-to AI tool for transcribing video calls, and I use it every time in my meetings, even the quick, impromptu ones with teammates. Its cut off hours of work down to just a few minutes.

Andee Isaacs
"The perfect tool for coaches and agencies"

If you struggle to remember actions you've agreed to in a meeting or the context of the actions - especially if you have a lot on your to-do list. Then Fathom is soooooo good! It subtly sits in the background and gives you a memory aid when you've got a hectic week

Jay Taylor
"I'm a huge fan of Fathom"

Fathom makes re-visiting notes and key points from zoom conversations effortless. There are so many built-in helpful features, for example: alerting you when your meeting is almost over or has gone over time, or how it breaks out the conversion by screen share and those portions on the conversions are sharable with a unique link.

Jessica Michaels
"Easy to Use + Customizable = 10/10"

Overall Fathom is so easy to use and get up and running on day 1. It doesn't take long to learn how to use it and optimize its use. I use it on every call. Searchable transcripts are my #1 favorite feature.

Kelsey VanSleen
"Huge Time Saver!"

Fathom is a fantastic tool - I use it both on Google Meets & Zoom (super easy set-up process!). It really allows me to solely focus on the meeting at hand & I don't have to worry about taking notes. I'm never worried about missing any important details when I use Fathom.

Rebecca Strangio
"I've saved so much time and stress using Fathom"

The main benefit of Fathom for me is the easy video recording, easy action item capturing, and it saves me HUGE amounts of time writing notes for the C-levels!!! I absolutely adore Fathom.

Aubry Ott

Fathom has changed the way I do my job. I am able to focus entirely on the people and discussion in front of me, instead of having to be distracted with notetaking. The meeting recording, transcript and AI feature are invaluable.

Kristine Rego
"Fathom will change the way you work!"

Fathom has been instrumental in the overall success of my project delivery. From keeping on top of action items to organizing requirements for quicker analysis and the x-factor, I can actually engage in the conversation with my clients instead of frantically notetaking and/or reviewing calls.

Ryan Mitchell
"Fathom is a life saver."

I love how it give me a summary after each meeting. As an Implementation Specialist, most of my day is spent logging notes and communicating with my customers. Having Fathom not just capture the transcript, but actually organize it into various styles of summaries has been a game changer and saved me a ton of time.

Malcolm Swift
"Marry me, Fathom"

Using Fathom allows me to focus on relating to my clients and look at the big picture because I know I can go back through my Fathom review for detailed notes. This feeling of security and support is priceless--how is Fathom free??

Melissa LaMunyon
"A system I now can't live without"

It's such a simple and easy to navigate platform. The AI summaries are so useful and most of the time, perfect to send straight away. I love that you can clearly highlight certain aspects of the conversation (during the meeting) and the ability to search through the transcript has been a game changer.

Stephanie Rooney
"Fathom's General Summary feature is absolutely wonderful."

Fathom's General Summary feature creates notes from long meetings in a short 1/2 page format that saves me from having to audio record the meetings and hand-write notes. Fathom's AI general summary notes are well-organized, concise and well-written. I could not do the notes any better.

Jeffrey Berk
"Absolutely the best note taker on zoom calls!"

There's a LOT! So I like how quickly the recording becomes available as soon as the meeting has ended. Also, I can go back to the recording and add some insights/ mark a portion of the call where there are action items. Very nice when we are collaborating ideas with the team or with someone who was not able to join the call.

Stephanie Villaver
"So simple with all the functionality you need"

Super easy to use. Automatically launches with the meeting, single-click annotation, quality transcription, free cloud storage, & easy sharing. I haven't found another tool that does the same stuff and works so seamlessly.

Nathaniel Carlisle
"Must have for your Success teams!"

I like the way you can tag certain aspects of the conversation to create a summary out of them. It makes it so much easier to convey the right context internally. I have been using fathom from very initial days and honestly after using a lot of other tools like Otter etc. I feel Fathom takes the cake for me. I would highly recommend this to all customer success teams out there.

Suhail Joo
"Number one tool I use as as CSM; have recommended to all of my colleagues"

Love being able to select a category for the type of feedback I'm receiving, and creating a shareable "snippet" of that segment of the call, that I can easily give to Product if it's product feedback, or to another member of the team if it's a technical question, etc.

Emily Thousand
"Fathom made me switch all video calls to Zoom"

There's so much I love about Fathom: the instant availability to the recordings, the searchable transcripts, the call summaries, the ability to mark highights and tasks during the calls. It made me switch all of my video calls from Teams to Zoom.

Nathan Schock
"Fathom Saves CSM Time"

I love that the Fathom notetaker automatically starts with all my customer facing meetings. It makes it so I don't have to worry about remembering to record meetings. The new AI summaries are AMAZING and I cannot say enough good things. It is saving me 30-40 mintues per meeting summary.

Emily Stapf
"Being PRESENT in a meeting while not missing anything important is PRICELESS"

Fathom has been a game changer for my customer calls. I have a hard time truly focusing on a conversation while taking notes. Fathom has given me the ability to be PRESENT in my meeting with clients. I can listen with empathy and not worry about missing any important details.

Jenn Hood
"New favorite business tool!"

I think the highlights are my favorite feature. There are so many things I love about it, but that's what I tell folks about first. Oh—that, and being able to paste easily into various formats. It's made working from transcripts a breeze.

Brannan Sirratt
"Best AI Notetaker"

I love functionality of highlight & action and ability of the app to rewind the conversation. AI summary is also great, really summarize the gist of the conversation without any distortions or made-up additions.

Oleksandra Sira
"The Best Tool for Meetings!"

I love that I can always go back and rewatch any meetings, as well as having the transcriptions of them! I use Fathom for every single meeting, which is about 7-8 times a week so it helps me keep them all organized. It was super easy to set up my account and integrate it with my google meet account aswell!

Kate Creveling
"Fathom Makes Meetings Fun and Easy: No More Worrying About Notes!"

One of the standout attributes of Fathom, and a feature that I hold in high esteem, is its ability to alleviate the stress of taking notes during meetings. It's a game-changer, truly. Gone are the days when active participation was marred by the constant necessity to jot down crucial points.

Nebechier Jones
"Fathom is the ultimate time and brain saver"

I love this app! It's an absolute game changer when it comes to taking the headaches out of note-taking. It's so clean, simple and easy to use, and the fact that it automatically joins the Zoom call is a real plus.

Melissa Davis
"Best tool E-V-E-R"

"Love that it works with all of the different video call platforms. Love how it syncs flawlessly with our CRM. Love the new AI notes and summaries (I actually had a collegue comment on how awesome my notes from the call were 😂). I use Fathom all day, every day, and I couldn't be happier."

Josh Thompson
"I absolutely love the Fathom platform."

I am new but this zoom add-on is incredible. soon as my zoom meeting was over I had a summary I was able to email it to all attendees in seconds!. Plus the transcript was ready and I could forward or send link all right from the one screen, no hunting around etc. Fathom really gets moving at the speed of business.

Stan Gardiner
"Fabulous idea, excellent execution"

Being an avid notetaker, I love that I am not missing anything and can go back and read it ALL in the transcript. I'm delighted with how much more present I can be and not worry about getting all the information I need. Fathom is a double timesaver!

Carol Daly
"Absolutely indispensable for salespeople and coaches"

The ability to search text through all recordings at once is amazing. I've logged almost 100 sales and coaching calls using Fathom, and the simplicity and the feature set are unbeatable

John Munsell
"My meetings are so much more efficient!"

My favorite thing about Fathom is the ability to quick-add "to do" items during my meeting. During a strategy session with a client, I often come across things that I need to do, or things that the account manager or client need to do. Using the customized options for quickly noting these parts of the meeting - with just a single click - has been SO helpful! I no longer have to switch to a different view to make note of the action item.

Beth Kocol
"Seamless, Effortless, and Extremely Convenient"

Fathom allows me to concentrate on HOW people communicate and less on WHAT people communicate. As a performance coach this is vital. I can always go back and check the video/transcript/summary to get into the details. The integration with zoom is easy to use. The custom buttons to mark sections and highlight convos are easy and convinient. I think the best part for me is the monolog meter. This tells me if I'm talking too much. It is like Fathos was built for my needs.

Luke Crane
"A Lifesaver for Productive Meetings - Simple, Intuitive, and Empowering"

Imagine having a personal assistant who is attentive, diligent, and perfectly accurate all the time - that's Fathom for you. It has been a true lifesaver for me, turning the daunting task of summarizing meetings into a walk in the park.

Chad O'Neal
"Hands down the most amazing notetaking app for Zoom meetings"

I love that it records and transcribes the meeting. During the meeting, I can tag actions and insights and put bookmarks between topics. Then when I view the recording, it shows me all the actions that we mentioned and quickly jump to the different bookmarks I set.

John Smith
"Fathom is a [totally legit] no-brainer."

Honestly? It' s a free tool that delivers an insanely valuable experience without having to really do anything. You sign up, download the app, add the extension to Zoom, and then it just does it's thing without having to even think about it.

Austin Grammon
"The essential business tool for anybody using Zoom"

Now that I have Fathom, I can focus on people, not taking notes. Fathom makes the transcript personal, gives me a tool to highlight important points in the conversation and is ready to record when I log on. Now that I have Fathom, I can't imagine doing business without it!

Brian Sooy
"I use Fathom every single day and I love it"

I love the connection between the video and the transcript. But the piece I LOVE and use every day...multiple times a day...is the HIGHLIGHT feature which brings me right to the part of the conversation that I want to reflect on. I LOVE this product and am so grateful to be able to use it.

Ian White Maher
"Great solution to transcribe & record Zoom snippets"

Oh my goodness, where do I even begin with Fathom? This app has truly been a game changer for me when it comes to transcribing and recording Zoom snippets. Not only is the interface super user-friendly and easy to navigate, but the transcription feature is spot on. I mean, it's almost like having a personal secretary!

Joel Hauer
"Valuable and Powerful Tool"

I've been using Fathom for several months, and it's a game-changer. It's easy to use during calls I host or calls others are hosting. It does a killer job of recording and transcribing calls, and the new AI summary feature is brilliant. I can take the summary and send it as a recap with minimal tweaks saving me time. I also like how it breaks out the questions by person asked during the meeting - I can click on those questions, and it takes me to the portion of the conversation where it originated. I have recommended it to countless people.

Ryan Miller
"Has saved me hundreds of hours of time and energy over the past 3 weeks"

I'm not tech savvy. And this thing is so simple. The use of Fathom AI Notetaker allows quick and simple access to the transcript that I can now quickly generate relevant, valuable content to add to my community while identifying pain points, successes and actionable steps that can be applicable in helping more people with similar challenges.

Peter Wright
"Fathom Has Increased My Focus!"

I use Fathom on all of my zoom meetings. I love receiving an immediate (and accurate) transcription along with video recording. This has significantly increased my presence and focus while in session since I do not need to take notes. I have also saved time and energy by taking the golden nuggets from sessions and converting them into case studies and marketing content.

Keisha Dixon
"The Best AI Assistant for Your Meetings"

Fathom does so much more than just transcribe your meetings. It has a control panel that you can view like a sidebar during your meetings, so you can tell it that you want to "highlight" what you are talking about or mark it as an "action item". With these options, you truely don't have to worry about taking notes and you can focus on the conversation.

Keith Eldridge
"Fathom has changed the way our company does business"

Fathom is powerful but simple. It's clear they're very product-minded - everything just works smoothly. I used to deal with all kinds of complicated ways to save and share notes from calls. But Fathom is a 1-stop shop.

Rick Henrikson
"Once you Fathom, you can never go back"

I like having notes of my meetings. Fathom does that and so much more. I love the ability to highlight and bookmark parts of the conversations while they are happening. The little summaries of these snippets are super helpful.

Justin Alva
"Fathom has transformed how we work"

Fathom is amazing for not only capturing the video of a meeting but also the transcription. The most valuable part of Fathom for us is the ability to look through the transcription, locate an area of the meeting we want to review, click on that transcription and the video automatically goes to that location to be played. This has been a game changer not only for us but, for our clients as well. We have started to send links to the videos to our clients and they love it.

Shannon Prouty
"My zooms just got 10x better"

Fathom is a wonderful tool, it's been incredibly handy. First of all, the notification that pops up for meetings has helped me improve my on-time meeting attendance greatly. The automatic recording feature is great, and super easy to dismiss when not needed.

Orlee Shraga
"Amazing AI Meeting Assistant and Better Than an Actual Assistant!"

Out of all the software I use (and I have used a lot in my 10+ years in online business) this is one of the top tools I now recommend to anyone

Sara Lingenfelter
"Fathom for excellent note taking"

Fathom is the best assistant and note taker in any online meeting i have ever used.

Neal Jones
"Changed my life"

Fathom has saved me so much time after calls when I would have to go through pages of notes from the call. It also allows me to be much more present and listening on the call. I am now using it every day on every call internally and externally. Love it.

Declan Scott
"Must Have - Don't do any meeting without it"

The intersection between video, auto-generated notes and auto-generated insights - I can pause, rewind, listen, read or follow up faster and more accurately after any meeting. Also if someone was not able to join then sharing its super easy.

Felipe Fernandez
"As a Virtual Assistant, Fathom helps me stay organized!"

I no longer have to take notes during my intake calls because Fathom successfully records my zoom meetings, sends me the recording afire I end the meeting, and accurately transcribes each meeting for me. And the best part is that it's free! I love Fathom!

Angel Russell
"These software is nothing sort of amazing"

The AI breaks down a 1-hour call into like four paragraphs. Who the heck is gonna watch a 60 min video of a meeting that happened already? I have so many meetings that I saved and or record and they never get watched.

Sean Goss
"A PMs Dream Come True"

Fathom allows for me to mark important commentary so I can easily go back and find answers. It allows me to label it so I stay organzied and efficient. I love it and it's saved me so much time!

Jessie Becher
"Fathoms user experience and ease of use"

It's very easy to use and accurate. I don't have to worry about inviting the tool to the meeting it's gets added automatically. Also it shows a desktop alert when a meet is about to start which makes it very useful.

Jatin Choudhary
"Get it… TODAY!"

Fathom has been a GAME CHANGER for my client meetings.

Charlotte Barnes
"The summaries of my meetings have been on point!"

I used to have to spend time reiewing and editing my meeting notes before sending recaps, action items and assignments. Fathom has given me back at least 40 minutes of time after every meeting!

Pamela Anderson
"Amazing value and functionality"

There are so many good things to say about Fathom! I love it how it automatically pops up to let you determine whether you want it to join a meeting or not. And that it records AND transcribes easily.

Kate Sullivan
"It's a metting game changer!!"

I love the summarized meetings - they make it so easy to get the sum of what happened. I think my favorite feature is that they break down all the questions asked on the call - its so great for review.

Tiffany DeRossett
"Obsessed with Fathom"

Fathom has completely taken the overwhelm out of hosting a meeting. I love the meeting summaries and the tasks it generates. I also love being able to rewatch any of my meetings without having to record, download and save each meeting to my desktop.

Erin Close
"Fathom for the win"

I recently came across Fathom, and I must say, I highly recommend it. It's incredibly user-friendly and has been a game-changer for me in streamlining the onboarding process for my new role.

Mick Smith
"Loving the Fathom Premium features!"

Meeting follow up automations are fantastic! Integrations are super simple. Getting set up was a breeze and their customer support is great. I use it everyday.

Josh Huston
"All the benefits of more expensive offerings, FREE for freelancers!"

I've worked for a few companies that have used similar but much more expensive technology to record calls with customers, glean insights, and coach employees.

Jeremy Davey
"The AI I dreamed for during eternal meetings"

I love that Fathom does not only record the video and gives you a transcript, which that alone is a great tool to keep records of important meetings... It is even better because it produces an amazing summary too.

Alejandra Lovera
"Very effective - even works with strong accents/quiet talkers"

I am hard of hearing so sometimes when i miss things, I like to go back and fathom picks up strong accents or even the quietest of speakers. This is a big win for me because other tools really struggle with this and I have to keep guessing or try to de-code the transcripts myself.

"First time Fathomer"

All the automatic features. It preps to start recording when I sign into a call. I offers to send the recording to the attendees when I'm done. It prepares a link to share with team members that weren't on the call. The transcripts are accurate. The time stamps and section breakdowns are in all the right places. I mean, c'mon man!

Marlon Deleon
"Fathom is incredibly convenient. Summarising Meetings, next steps, Actions with great accuracy."

It's like having a PA. Attending meetings without a colleague to take notes is no longer an issue. I really like the alternative summary styles for a meeting. Practically seamless Teams integration.

Aaronn Kelly
"I've a much better experience than other similar applications!"

I really enjoy the tools. The highlights during the call and the after call functions are awesome. It makes the whole process of recording meetings for later review a much easier process and it saves me loads of time and energy.

Ian Haserick
"Get your focus back during virtual calls and meetings!"

The most helpful thing about using Fathom is I don't have to worry about taking notes during my discovery calls... Fathom takes them for me! I've been able to get my full focus back during my calls which has been incredibly valuable.

Ashley Graham
"My favourite app of the year (and I play with lots of cool apps)!"

It makes sure that all my meetings are recorded and makes it simple for me to shoot a copy of that recording to whoever I need to - saving me a TONNE of time and headaches.

Frances Quinn
"Fathom is a game changer!!! Our whole agency has adopted the platform, and productivity is insane!"

Fathom helps with collaboration amongst our agency stakeholders, and the merchants we work with by allowing us to parse call transcriptions into shareable items that can be actioned across several communication platforms. This is a game-changer for us - highly recommend it!

Nihar Kulkarni
"Best tool for virtual business in 2022"

The main benefit of Fathom for me is improved productivity. I also love the notes it creates for me automatically, and the ability to share with the team or clients. I save precious minutes, gain organization, and save myself time and energy. I value efficiency and effectiveness and Fathom hits my value buttons.

Aundrea De Leon

Fathom CHANGED MY LIFE! As a VA I am always taking copious notes from each meeting, I can now focus on the discussion and know that everything has been transcribed accurately. The tagging function is amazing, Action Items, no problem, just tag it! All attendees get the transcription, so there is no misunderstanding of any minutes of meetings. I recommend that you install Fathom right now!

Jo McClure
"Awesome tool that I now cannot live without."

The in-call note-taking capability caused us to rewrite our meeting policies... the ability to customize the note types, and highlight recordings is great. What may be the best feature of all is the search functionality that reads all transcripts. VERY ROBUST!

Kevin Brennan
"Best Assistant Out There!"

I am in about 25 to 30 hours of meetings a week and this by far has changed the way on how I do meetings and take notes. This has been a godsend and has streamlined my work by 75%.

Kathryn Small
"What's not to like"

I always liked the meeting transcript aspect, but now the AI summaries are amazing me! It catches all the conversation correctly, even with sound issues, etc, even when the meeting participants are all over the place during their conversation. It has shaved so much time off for me post meetings in creating meeting minutes and action items.

Ila Awasthi
"How did I live without this?"

I can't tell you how much time this software saves me. The AI summary of the meeting is genius. I click on Action Items either during the meeting, or after (with the transcript or recording), load those into Asana, and done!

Rita Ryan
"Finally! Zoom Meetings Without Taking Notes!"

With Fathom, I am able to concentrate on what is happening in the Zoom meeting and not typing or handwriting notes. I simply launch Fathom and let it take the notes for me.

Denney Fifield
"No Conversion Time... Can Send Links To Clients Immediately!"

I've been using Fathom for quite some time now. I no longer have to worry about the recordings. They are accessible immediately upon completion of the Zoom call. The main benefit of Fathom for me is to keep Zoom recordings and transcripts in the same area. I love that I can send the call recording immediately to participants. I also like that it identifies the speakers by name automatically.

Alexanne Stone
"I am a Fathom fan!"

The most helpful feature Fathom offers is the dialogue tracker. When I am taking notes and miss something, I know that Fathom caught it and can go back and see what was said. I also really like the saving/sending options. It is so easy to navigate the platform and I have always had wonderful customer service experiences with the team at Fathom. It's a great platform and I am so thrilled with how helpful it is to me when notetaking during meetings or webinars.

Halle Rice
"More than just recording a call/meeting"

Fathom really has gone beyond the basics. They not only automatically record your Zoom calls, but they also provide you with a tool that allows you to flag moments within the call stand out. This can be things such as insights and feedback given by members of the call, or even better... Action Items that need to be noted during the call. Then, when the call is over, it automatically opens up the recording of the call for you, along with anything you flagged, notes, transcript, etc. It's a well-thought-out tool.

Sam Insalaco
"Now I have meeting accurate meeting notes in secs after meeting is done!"

The ability to highlight key meeting moments and have accurate meeting transcripts in just a few secs. I can now focus on the meeting and not worry about taking notes. It is really easy and quick to start meeting recordings.

Rosana Silva
"Fathom - The Cobsultants Best Friend"

I love being able to highlight parts of my workshops calls and easily review keys parts of the conversation. I love the speech to text function and having the transcript available for me. Also the fact I can link to my Salesforce records

Justin Wheatley

As an executive recruiter, this is PRICELESS as I interview. It's also fantastic for sharing with others after an interview.

Sara Taylor
"Fathom has become a beloved tool our team uses every day where we can share calls and highlights!"

The main benefit of Fathom for me is the ability to have a shared library of team calls, and I love highlights with Slack. The seamless integrations with zoom mean that it has been on every call and we never miss a recording to forgetting to hit the record button or joining a call we don't host. Support & Customer Success teams are absolute legends!

Dave McGlashan
"I love Fathom"

I love that I can make notes during the meeting to revisit OR I can go to the recording and make notes after! I can easily copy the transcript in many formats (I use Word most) and I can share them with my team!

Tarmin Jacobs
"Game changer for meetings"

Reduces the number of people we need to have at meetings. Before, we'd have people there who only needed the FYI. Now they can use the highlights/question list/transcript/video watched on 2x to get all the info they need without having to sit through a 60 minute meeting.

Jessica LeClair
"We doubled our meeting roster (with note takers!)"

I love that the recording generates instantly, it's so easy to find a point in the relay and share clips. I just sent my mom a clip from our company annual review so she would see our wins from the year in 17 min and celebrate with me.

Kimberly Remedies
"Amazing Experience With Fathom!"

The main benefit of Fathom for me is I am able to go back and listen to what our customers said. There is no confusion. Everything that was said and agreed to is all collected in one place, and I love that my mind is at ease because I know it is there recording.

Clare Lawson
"The perfect Zoom accompaniment"

Fathom seamlessly records and annotates my Zoom calls, allowing me to record (and subsequently share) my meetings without having to write endless reams of meeting notes trying to explain every last detail.

Hector Stanley
"Experience using fathom"

The snippet feature is something i've been using a lot to share insights with my team and giving updates to clients and it's been wonderful

Shaurya Singh
"Super accurate transcription and video clip sharing tool"

Fathom makes it easy to record and share clips or entire recordings with people. I'm obsessed.

Jessica Lynch
"Make your meetings super easy"

Fathom has an easy interface, can join as a bot and also have a recorded notification sent to all, each point can be bifurcated and customized, I can share it with my peers seamlessly.

raviteja gnv
"Eliminates repetition"

As a developer it's important I capture every detail of a task and I've always been quite meticulous in re-clarifying things and jotting them down to ensure everything's covered. Since using fathom, I've saved a lot of time (and paper) in the knowledge that I can always recap the meeting to get the information I need. With the transcript and search facility, it's easy to find specific references and details that otherwise could've been missed.

Jack Alcock
"I believe it is the best note taker on the market."

I love the experience after the meeting for going through the video and the notes at the same time.

James Donck
"Great Product"

I like the that it take great notes. My client like that I have notes ready after the meeting. It also help keeping client and myself accountable. I've even provided feedback on area of improvement

Jermaine Byfield
"Loved it!"

Highlighted clips that can be easily shared with the team and clients

Aldair Vásquez
"Paradigm shift"

Fathom has fundamentally improved the quality of my client correspondence and ability to remain engaged and present when on a call.

Jarrett Arnold
"Fathom has changed our meetings and saved a ton of time"

It's set and forget, the summaries are great, and I get to just pay attention without worrying about taking notes.

Jacob Olivier
"One of the best tools I've ever used"

I don't have to worry about making notes during the meetings, don't have to worry about forgetting anything, don't have to ask clients for some info again because I didn't write it down. Don't have to stress anymore at all.

Alexandra Mosnitska 🇺🇦
"I use Fathom for every meeting, all the time. I tell most people they should too. It's a no brainer."

Summarizing is getting better all the time. Labeling sections of the meetings live, or post-meeting is so crucial. Then sharing is easy and flexible.

Sonny Bihl
"Makes my clients meetings more valuable for both parties."

Fathom makes our business development coaching sessions more effective and useful afterward.

Matthew Biggar
"I don't remember a life before Fathom"

Fathom makes collecting findings during a UXR interview and synthesizing findings after a UXR interview infinitely more seamless and effective.

Eliana Lauder
"Tranformed the Way I Manage Projects"

Fathom has completely changed the way I and my company have kept track of and managed our meetings and projects.

Travis Stephenson
"Fathom - A must have in the increasing online work environment"

Honestly I love that while using fathom I can focus on the meeting, interacting with the individual, and understanding on a deeper level than having to take notes.

Joshua Topham
"On Zoom calls all the time? Fathom is a game changer"

With Fathom, I've stopped taking notes on Zoom calls. Instead, I stay engaged in conversation and don't worry about missing an important point or detail.

Philip Lester
"Fast, reliable, huge time & effort saver"

It's simple to record Zoom meetings, and unlike with Zoom where you can only record video, and it takes a while to come through, Fathom records a video and takes a full transcript (which is searchable), shown by speaker, and provides a summary of the meeting

Clive Roberts
"Fantastic research tool"

I conduct many user interviews and usability tests, and I use Fathom to share summaries, highlights, and clips with my colleagues. Fathom makes the whole process 90% faster.

Dayne Rathbone
"User research, made easy"

I am a product manager and primarily use Fathom when I conduct user research interviews; It's been so reliable for me that I've stopped using Zoom recordings and just use Fathom.

Priya Bhat
"Fantastic for training new employees!"

It's super easy to use, and as a new employee, I can record my interactions with co-workers. This lets me avoid asking the same questions over and over.

Matthew Edwards
"Amaizing tool for long meetings"

The highlights, that piece of software is impressive and makes me summarize the most important parts of a meeting. Specially for long meetings you could have good recaps for later review

Camilo Andres Rico Echeverry
"Fathom is a GAME CHANGER for our digital marketing agency team!"

The standout feature of Fathom is its accurate and reliable transcription functionality. The app's advanced speech recognition technology consistently converts spoken words into text with impressive precision. This eliminates the need for manual note-taking, allowing participants to fully engage in the conversation without the worry of missing important details.

Elizabeth Rhodes
"The best meeting tool since Google Docs"

Fathom's AI transcript is pretty close to perfect, I can share the summaries with the team and easily go back in any meeting and scan until I find what I need. It has saved me hours of time and it shows in how many other more important things I am able to do during the day.

Cassie Moore
"My new favorite day-to-day tool. No exaggeration."

Having the action items and highlights marked with just one click and getting a precise time stamp, description, and recap for the. And being able to copy it to other platforms easily. Also, for the meetings on my calendar, Fathom will come 5 mins before with a "Join Meeting" button, helping me make sure Fathoms is in on time for the meetings.

Monica Aguilar
"Fathom has changed my client meetings for the better!"

Fathom is reliable and has allowed me to spend less time focused on capturing word-for-word notes in client meetings and more time having meaningful and productive conversations.

Kaitlin Provencher
"Brilliant - multifaceted recording!"

I love the fact that you get both an AI summary and transcription alongside the video recording without having to do a thing! I use it on all of my calls with clients, team mates and even socials as it's such am easy way to have an accessible archive. It's super easy to use and I use it pretty much everyday! Plus it's super easy to integrate and connect to my calendar as well.

Annette Khepri
"Game changer for me"

I've been using Fathom for a few weeks now, and appreciate how it allows me to be more present in meetings instead of transcribing my own notes. The live appending features (highlights, bookmarks, to-dos) in Fathom help me ensure that I pay particular attention to the most relevant parts of the conversation in my review.

Ken Anselment
"Amazing productivity enhancer, takes better notes than I do!"

AI meeting summary is absolutely awesome, such a time saver!

Emma Humphrey
"A Game-Changer"

Meetings used to be a double-edged sword for us. While they were great for collaboration, the aftermath was often a scramble to remember what was discussed. Enter Fathom. It's not just another tool; it's been a real ally. It discreetly joins in, records, and then hands us these neat summaries. It's like having an extra team member who's just there to help us keep track.

Philip Jönsson
"Completely changes the meeting note game"

Super easy to use! The AI is great at summarizing conversations and even outlining action items. Recordings go live quickly. I can remain completely present in meetings knowing that Fathom has my back. Amazing. Where has this been my whole life?!

Leah Shapiro
"An essential part of our toolkit"

Fathom is an exceptionally fast and reliable AI driven Zoom call recording (you can see the recorded meeting and transcription immediately, pretty much). It has a remarkably accurate AI created meeting summary. It's pretty spooky how accurate and useful this feature is, saves us loads of time.

Christopher Bradford
"Best app in zoom hands down 🏆"

It's such an amazing backup as I forgot to hit record on a podcast on Zoom and fathom was recording and the video was actually better than the Zoom video. What a lifesaver. Best tool ever for time, backup and note taking!

Jen Vazquez
"Game changer. The most accurate transcription service for recorded video I have ever used"

The accuracy of the transcript saves me hours. It is also a really easy plugin for Zoom, so I can start recording a call as soon as I know it is going to have content I want to share with my team or use to create content for our socials/website.

Megan Gell
"Essential tool for client meetings"

I love the automated transcription and the ability to highlight important comments/topics within a call. Creating tasks with the click of a button. And I can easily review previous meetings when I need to recall important information.

Bill Kerschbaum
"Must have for anyone on a lot of video calls"

One of the most frictionless note-taking apps I've ever used. If you're taking notes on a call, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Fathom does a spectacular job of providing clear action items and hits that rare SaaS user experience where I forget I'm even using a tool.

Andrew Epps
"Once I discovered Fathom, I'm no longer using Otter.ai"

Fathom makes business communication and meetings easier, period. As an avid fan and long-time Otter.ai user, I couldn't believe there was anything better. Until a friend told me about Fathom. I was skeptical and waited months to use it. She was right. Fathom has far better features and a streamlined UI/UX that's on point.

Michelle B. Griffin
"For Zoom meetings, consider Fathom a godsend ... or at least your very attentive employee."

Fathom launches automatically for each and every Zoom call. There is no need to remember to turn it on or launch it. Start your Zoom meeting and there is ... showing up barely seconds after you start your meeting. It listens attentively and captures every single word whilst correctly attributing it to the right person who spoke. Within a minute or two after your meeting ends, your entire transcript is sitting there in the cloud.

Nicklaus D'Cruz
"Instant, accurate transcriptions of all my calls -- game changer!"

With Fathom, I get top-quality transcripts for free -- instantly. That's a massive time and money saver.

Adam Kirsch
"I love Fathom!"

This app has eliminated the need to take notes during my calls so I can be fully present. My favorite feature is the instant summary you can download to Notion. It includes a summary, call highlights and next steps, it's amazing! PLUS each bulleted item is hyperlinked to the section in the recording where it's talked about. I LOVE THIS APP.

Tiffany Frey
"A gamechanging meeting capture tool"

The ability to streamline notetaking and capture of all the needed action items from a meeting is amazing. It has saved us so much time since typing out all the meeting notes during meetings, then going back and trying to create tasks from them.

Mark Howells
"Big Thumbs Up for Fathom!"

The Transcript and summary are fantastic and got me interested. The Highlight button is becoming my favorite feature. Ease of use, utility and efficiency. It's the best assistant I've never paid!

Trey Pittman
"Excellent tool and huge timesaver"

Their AI summaries are shockingly good. They make sending meeting recaps and assigning action items a breeze. Another great feature is their direct integration with Hubspot. It will automatically tie the recording, highlights and summary directly to the company and contact card of the attendees.

Chris Flook

Never take notes again

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What does Fathom cost?

Fathom is 100% free for unlimited recording, transcription, and summarization. We offer a Premium version of Fathom that includes advanced AI features like AI-generated action items and 12 different meeting summary templates. We also offer Fathom Team Edition that is designed to provide additional features for teams and managers that use Fathom.

Who has access to my recordings?

All recordings created with Fathom are 100% private. They can only be seen if you share your recordings or highlights with others.

Is Fathom secure?

Yes. Fathom is hosted and developed following security best practices including end-to-end encryption, robust monitoring, and regular 3rd party penetration testing. Fathom has completed a SOC2 Type 2 audit as well as extensive security review by Zoom as part of being a Zoom Apps Launch Partner. Full details at trust.fathom.video

Should I be concerned about my privacy?

We take privacy seriously.  We’ve gone out of our way to eliminate 3rd party cookies and forced our legal team to write a terms of service and privacy policy that can be understood without a law degree.

Will people be uncomfortable with recording Zoom calls?

If you've not recorded calls before we've found that you're much more likely to worry about this than your attendees ever will. In fact, inside of certain roles like Sales & Customer Success already over 90% of calls are recorded (with the exceptions typically being sensitive legal or enterprise sales).

We're also seen that over 50% of attendees would like access to the call recording, so rather than be worried they'll be excited that you're recording the call for their benefit as well (don't worry, Fathom allows you to share the call recording without sharing your highlights & notes).

Finally, if at any time your attendees are uncomfortable, Fathom gives you a way to pause recording.

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We provide the Fathom app free of charge because it drives usage and brand awareness which generates leads for our not-free-but-very-affordable Premium & Team Edition products.
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There’s no cap on how many people at your company can use Fathom for free. You never have to upgrade to the the Team Edition or Premium products.
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