Never take notes duringon a Zoom call again

Fathom helps you recall and share important moments from your meetings. It’ll even send those moments to your Slack or CRM automatically.

Effortlessly capture & share key moments
from your Zoom meetings

Fathom is forever free for personal use. No credit card required.

Just Click,
AI Does the Rest

When you’re on a Zoom call, click to highlight a portion of the call. Fathom magically summarizes what was spoken.

Instant Access

When the call ends you have instant access to the call recording, fully transcribed, along with all of your highlighted moments.

Write Notes,

No more frantically typing notes on your Zoom calls.

Write them afterwards at your own pace and send them to your CRM, Google Doc, Gmail or Task manager with a single click.

No More
Data Entry

Fathom automatically generates & syncs call notes to all the right places in your CRM.

Share Your

Notes never tell the whole story. Tell it with clips instead.


Fathom Helps Create
High Performing Remote Teams

Slack It

Automatically send highlights to Slack in real-time


Search transcripts across your own or your team's calls


Watch team recordings & get insights from your top performers

Live Coaching

Feel confident you’re running a great call with real-time stats and a friendly monologue alert if you talk too long 😄


What does Fathom cost?

Fathom is 100% free. In the near future we will be charging for new, team-centric functionality but the core Fathom experience will remain free.

Who has access to my recordings?

All recordings created with Fathom are 100% private. They can only be seen if you share your recordings or highlights with others.

Should I be concerned about my privacy?

We take privacy seriously. We’ve gone out of our way to eliminate 3rd party cookies and forced our legal team to write a terms of service and privacy policy that can be understood without a law degree.

Is Fathom secure?

Yes. Fathom is hosted and developed following security best practices including end-to-end encryption, robust monitoring, and regular 3rd party penetration testing. Fathom has completed a SOC2 Type 2 audit as well as extensive security review by Zoom as part of being a Zoom Apps Launch Partner. Full details at

Does Fathom replace Zoom?

No, Fathom works alongside your Zoom client.

Can I use Fathom without Zoom?

No, Fathom requires Zoom and is not a separate service.

What does Fathom integrate with?

Fathom integrates with Slack to send specific highlights (ex product feedback or technical questions) to Slack channels in real‑time.

Fathom also integrates with Salesforce & Hubspot to sync your highlights & notes to any matching Contacts, Accounts, & Opportunities (Salesforce only).

Fathom auto-generates call & action item summaries that can be dropped into Notion, Google Docs, Asana, Todoist and Gmail with a single click.

Will people be uncomfortable with recording Zoom calls?

If you've not recorded calls before we've found that you're much more likely to worry about this than your attendees ever will. In fact, inside of certain roles like Sales & Customer Success already over 90% of calls are recorded (with the exceptions typically being sensitive legal or enterprise sales).

We're also seen that over 50% of attendees would like access to the call recording, so rather than be worried they'll be excited that you're recording the call for their benefit as well (don't worry, Fathom allows you to share the call recording without sharing your highlights & notes).

Finally, if at any time your attendees are uncomfortable, Fathom gives you a way to pause recording.

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